Hey I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Sorry I haven't updated. I have a few hair do's shot that I need to post and a few I am desperate to get finished for the showing off, but this month has really got away with me. Making costumes... planning a baby shower. And when blogger deleted my old site I got a little blue. So I took a hair blog vacation while working on the other things going on, but I am doing much better now. The baby shower will be over next Saturday and I will be ready to come back full bang. You will notice a lot of changes around here though. I may work on that off and on during this next week, but I am changing how things run around here. Hope you like the changes as they come. Oh and I have received emails about people translating my site into other languages for there friends. First off--- I am very flattered! And second I found a dill that can save you the trouble and do that for you. If you go to my babble fish on my side bar you can select your language and it can do the translating for you. Pretty sweet feature if you ask me! So hopefully that helps. Happy Halloween see ya in a few days!

I'm so sad...

I knew they were going to delete Girly Do's-- I did everything to move stuff over to this new blog and I was totally ready for them to delete it, but yesterday when I hit the original Girly Do's link on my favorite/bookmarked blogs and saw that it had been deleted I felt rather broken hearted. I'm not sure when it was removed. But blogging about hair hasn't been the same since I came over here... I just don't feel that same umph that I used to feel about blogging about hair. And now I feel down right blue about everything since they deleted me...

Crossing over...

I have this love of having hair down lately. I have just loved to see Nikyla with her hair more down and beautiful than up and tight. I guess I am just growing up and with that my interests are changing and growing up with me as well. One thing I am sure to never outgrow is keeping the front part of the hair out of her eyes (one) and (two) keeping hair off the face most importantly--- DURING BOOGIE SEASON. It's getting colder outside and while I follow my kids around this time of year with tissue in hand I know they will be places that aren't so diligent in keeping the snot off the face and out of the hair and cleaned up. I know its a gross topic, but it is true. It goes the same every year that you will see dozens of kids and hair stuck all over there snot covered face. Its gross. I try to avoid it. And I don't judge the parents or kids harshly at all. It is just a fact of life that during winter kids are a little grosser than summer time. ((My Opinion-- of course.)) So I try my darnedest to keep those hairs that would find there way into disgusting territory under close watch during this time of year. So this is a hair do that will do just that (Fingers crossed).

This really is easy-- a no brainer. All you are doing is two braids and pinning them together in the middle.
Start off my parting out the front for your first braid. Hold the part in back out of the way with a clip.
Braid the front part of the hair. To have it closer to the back you will do the method of braiding where you only add hair from one side. Of course I added on the front side each time and that is how we kept this close to that back part.
Divide out your next section of hair and braid that section going the opposite direction so the front braid ends on the left side of the head and the back braid ends on the right side of the head. Again adding hair only from the back of the head so that it is close to that (now) middle part.
Once you have secured the hair with rubber bands you are going to tug the braids close together and secure them with bobby pins down the middle covering up that middle part and making it look like one big fat chunky braid. Kind of...
Its that easy. It will stay back and off her face and that way it will be nice and clean. Have a nice day!!!

Time's up----

And the winner is #129

That is...
Jenn said...

I'm sure to get the black with velvet hairband. With the holidays coming, I'm sure I could use that one a lot!

Just for the record that is not me Jenn- but a whole different Jenn. One I don't know, but her family is cute. (I just checked out her cute family blog.) So congratulations Jenn!

And I have a few more hair do's I had planned on posting during this drawing to show off more fun stuff from All Things Ribbon. But I feel behind on life and all the things I wanted to do again--- sorry. Thank you Jen for letting me host this fun giveaway for your beautiful bows. Don't forget even if you didn't win you can still buy everything you want right now and get it at a discounted price by entering "girlydo's" as a promotional code.

Congratulations Jenn...
And Thank you Jen...
And this is Jenn saying see ya in a day or two with something new!!!

Oh- And Jenn (The winner Jenn) Please email me your email address so I can get this prize to you. thank you.


Good grief do I ever feel like a pooper- So my Internet went down again. I think my computer having problems is closely related to blog giveaways-- they are just to much for my dear sweet computer to handle. Just kidding. But I wanted to tell you about my latest and greatest button that is on my side bar. Its been up there for a few days so some of you might have seen him and even clicked on him. It seems like every day that I get deals emailed to me from different hair accessory people. That's cool and I love to share that, but talking all the time about the deals that everyone is having takes up a lot of precious hair tutorial space. So in effort to tell those who want to know the deals---- the deals... I have made this button. And let Napoleon take you to a deal that is "FLIPPIN SWEET". Go ahead and click it now. Its going to take you to the deal of the week.

It goes hand-in-hand with my giveaway... Its a discount off your purchase over at All Things Ribbon if you enter in the word "girlydo's" all lower case at the time of checkout you will get a sweet discount. So that is of course why this is this weeks "FLIPPIN' SWEET Deal".


All Things Ribbon is giving you a huge gift! She would like to do a giveaway--- RIGHT HERE at GIRLY DO's and just for you guys! I've been chatting with Jen over the last few weeks about her fabulous hair accessories. She is so OCD--- OCD means obsessive compulsive disorder. She is so obsessed with her bows being absolutely perfect down to every detail. When my husband was going to RISD there was a saying, "God is in the details." I think it is safe to say that these bows are darn near Heavenly! Her motto for her business is "Finally a bow to buy an outfit for!" The saying is totally not an understatement of these bows. I actually went out and bought outfits for these bows. Because they are just so beautiful!!!

So the giveaway is....

A $25 gift certificate to her store.
Which you can click on the first picture on this blog that says All Things Ribbon, or you can click right here. Wow!!! Thats $25 for anything you want. If you have liked my boof-age with the head bands you can do head bands or you can do bows of any kind you would like. You are so lucky!!! I know you want to win this!

So here is how you can win... First go check out her hair accessories. Then if you can tear yourself away for her cute bows and dresses (That I want really bad--- I'll be begging my husband for this one...) then come back here and leave me a comment that says which one you'd for sure be using the gift certificate to buy. And look closely--- her prices are phenomenal!!! Very fair! And lets just say that $25 is going to go a long ways!

Here's a few more of her bows and I used the boof-age style for everyone of these hair do's. Hollywood here we come...

Again--- All you need to do to be entered into that $25 gift certificate is go here and come back and leave me a comment on this post saying which one is a must have for you! Winner will be drawn by using next Friday--- same time same place...

**Bonus giveaway... I know this is really slow from my last giveaway, but Hair Today sent me the most referrals. She is so awesome! I've already wrote her that I have her little prize and I feel bad that I was so slow with it, but with the blog drama it just took time. This time around I am going to give a special bonus prize to the top five referrers. So go back to your blog and tell your friends about this giveaway. Top five get a fun surprise. Woo- who that's easy winning people!!! Plus I still have some lost sheep that haven't found me at my new site... so help me find those lost few please.

**Bonus #2... While you are over at All Things Ribbon you are going to want some things right now!!! You will feel the urgency and want to have something right away. So for a limited time if you enter in the word "girlydo's" (all one word) in the promotion field at check out you are going to save even more moola ($$) so make sure and get the savings now!

Boof-age and Bows

I am not much of a trend follower. I actually tend to do my own thing more often times than not. However... I am loving Hollywood Hair lately. Have you been watching the trend? I don't think I would have noticed except my sister-in-law came to me wanting to know how to get "The Look." Its really easy and so I showed her how on her hair. And then the next day I gave it a try on Nikyla's hair... not so cute. But I figured out how to make the look very cute on a little girl!

Here is the trend--- first look at these pictures and tell me if you can tell what it is on your own...

This little poof effect I've always called boof-age. Well growing up that was what my sister and I called it. So for familiarity we are calling it boofage here. BIG hair was a BIG trend back while I was growing up. Having high bangs was totally in. Well I must tell you that I am totally loving this updated "cleaner" version of this hair style.

So I am going to teach you how to do BOOFAGE!!!
Don't be shocked when you start doing this to your own hair.

To make this hair style work for a four year old girl I had to add a little accessory. It dolls it up and dulls it down to be a perfect down style for a sweet little girl. I got the head band I will be using from:
(click the banner to be taken there.)

I also have a great giveaway coming form this cool cat later today. I've just separated it into two entries so as to not totally overwhelm anyone. So come back for the giveaway-- its a doosie of a good deal!
For starters I have separated out the front part of the hair for what I plan on having bobby pinned to the front of her head to frame her face.
Next you will part out a section of hair.
You will back comb this section of hair. Back combing ---- or ratting--- is where you comb through the hair towards the scalp. Or completely in the opposite direction you normally comb the hair. You are just doing this to the base and not the whole section of hair. After you get a good chunk of it ratted you will spray some hair spray into it. They say aerosol is better, but its worse on the environment, so use your non-aerosol spray and just blow on the hair until it dries a bit. Back comb it again just a touch more and add a little more hair spray.
It should look similar to this. Please notice that it is just near the base and not the whole section is ratted.
Flop that little section over so that it is out of your way to do another section.
Get your next section parted out and do the exact same thing. For Beans I end up ratting three sections. I think three should be a minimum. But if you have thick hair or want really big hair you may do more.
Once you have all three sections parted, and them back combed you are going to have a big mess on your hands. Or at least it looks like a big mess.
Flip the hair back over so that it is in back and not draped over the front.
Very lightly with your brush smooth out the top section of hair. You don't want to completely brush out the back combing. It adds a nice texture to the hair do to leave it in a bit.
This is the smoothed out look.
I've taken the front and smoothed out the hair and used bobby pins to hold it in place. If you criss-cross your pins like this picture you will find that they hold better and last all day long!!!
Here it is--- some awesome boofage.
Just like Hollywood hair!!! However--- My Beans is four years old. And I want her to stay little for as long as she possibly can stay little! So we had to make this a hair do that works for little girls. And once we put that cute head band in...
This hair do quickly took off and became an all time favorite for me.
Thank you All Things Ribbons for the head band that totally made this look work!

Come back and see the giveaway and full review for All Things Ribbon!

Back in Business...

I have all the old brought over and we are good to go! THANK YOU so much for all the comments and love you guys gave. I might just rust up with all the tears of joy I have shed. I tried doing the quick way that was suggested by several people and it totally didn't work for me. So I had to do it one at a time and just go go go. It took a few days but now blogger can delete old Jenn if it wants too. Whatever! I'm totally working on something new for you, but it'll have to wait until this next week. I am gathering my goods.

But I did have one picture I can share in the mean time for you. But I don't have the step by step. Its actually just another do of a do with a weeee bit o'twist to it. Read that again---- Weeee Bit-O-Twist. That's funny! Okay so I thought through who has already taught about doing this kind of a twist (Two strand braid) and I am sure there are oodles and oodles of the tutorials out there, but go here for one of them. Now what I am trying to tell you is that you can do them in a smaller version just like you do rows of braids for certain hair do's, but these little twists are twice as fast as a braid. And so darn cute! So tiny corkscrews or two strand braid away and I'll have something BIG and special for you in a few days. See ya then.

Out with the old...

If you are here---- Yippee-Skippie! Girly Do's has been taken down by "the man". The blogging man. You remember back when I had my big giveaway a few weeks back. Shortly following I became labeled as a robot. And I had to do word verify and all that good stuff. Well I submitted way back then a form that went unanswered to have my blog reviewed to find that it was not a robot blog, but this last Friday (August 26th) I got locked out from my account and couldn't post any more Girly Do tutorials. I submitted a new form, but seeing how they never got around to reviewing the first form I submitted I have a feeling that the 20 days will expire and Girly Do's will be gone. Sad--- At least it is to me.

I know you are wanting to know why I lost my blog. And I can't tell you. Not because I am embarrassed to say why, or because of any reason. Truthfully I have tried to figure it out, but I can't figure it out. The first time I read the email they sent warning me about being deleted I thought it was because I reference the same people over and over again. But I don't think that is what it is. Then I got out of it that I have to many people linking to me. And that was just stupid. Yes I have a nice high hit count, but that is just stupid. So I read into it more and it said something about having to many other big blogger's reference me. And that is very flattering, but again it doesn't make sense. The final reason I came across was it told me I had broke a rule that was in the user agreement. So I took the time to reread that whole contract that I agreed to when I first started blogging and I didn't do anything that I can see against the contract. One of my fellow hair blogger friends reminded me of my computer crashing about this same time that all of this first started happening and I think my computer crashing has more to do with it than anything. I think that somehow triggered something to do with blogger thinking I am a robot. To be honest I don't even know what that means.

So for a while I am going to be trying to salvage all my old stuff and copying it to this blog. The NEW Girly Do's site. So you won't be getting any new hair do's for a while until I have snagged all my old stuff up and recovered it here. So just sit back and enjoy watching all the old stuff as I can update it. Also in case you are wondering... The song will be gone in a while, but it makes me laugh because apparently "YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL..." I'm just a robot after all.

Thanks to my fellow hair bloggers and friends who gave me the shout out to send everyone back this way for Girly Do's. I thought about throwing in the towel and calling it quits, but I am still here and I'll be here for a while. I like blogging. So I think I'll stick around. Also if you could make me feel a little better about this situation I'd love a comment or two--- Because I won't be able to recover any of those fabulous comments on my old blog. Its so sad!!!



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