Wow!!!That is fancy...

**UPDATE** This is another fixed post from the photo's disappearing.

This is one of my favorite hair do's. It was inspired by this post from Hairstyles for my Princess. It is very different, but this was where the idea kind-of came from.
Start by dividing the hair into pony tails one set on top I gave mine a little knot for extra design. You should have the same amount on the left side as you so on the right side. You will also end up having the same amount on the bottom row as you had on the top row. After the first row is finished you then following the same rows you are repeating the pony tail below the first one. Follow the part all the way back and secure it with a rubber band.
Next you do your weaving. Secure one side first by replacing the rubber band on bottom with a new one or just combining it with the first one. Whatever you want to do.
And then using your pointy comb weave the hair over and under for this finished look. Notice how the original hair do has the hair twisted and they do not have the rubber bands in the top pony tail.... Whatever... do what you want. I like it both ways, but today we wanted a flush to the head look.
Last step is to make a mess out of all those pony tails in back by doing them all into messy buns. We aren't fancy around here. I do (tend to) like the messy look. So make you messy buns. For the how to on that one again go here. But that needs a little more love don't you think? Me too!!!
I am learning at art of bows. Not making them, but using them. I've tried my hand in making them and I am a bow making misfit... Maybe I'll try again someday, but for now I will rely on good talented people like the gals at Angela's Accessories. I think this bow gave this hair style the finishing look it needed! It for sure is what made it seem so fancy too me.

Hope you love this one and try it today on your little lady!

My (Quick) Messy Bun

***UPDATE*** This was another post where the pictures deleted and needed to be fixed. When talking messy buns there are probably a dozen ways to do a messy bun. This is the way I use most often. And it is super fast. For today's messy bun I have done two braids down the top of the hair in piggy tail fashion and then combined them into one braid. Combine into the one braid by simply adding the hair from one braid to the other and finishing braiding into one.
I am showing you this picture really quickly just before I do the bun to show you what I am doing with the braid after the bun to finish off this hair style nicely. I did use a bobby pin to hold it flat so it doesn't roll down over the bun. Do not do this before the bun. I just did it to show you without the bun in the way. So take that out and lets do the bun...
For my quick messy bun I split the hair in half horizontally--and I roll the top half over my ring finger and below my pinkie to secure it. For the bottom half I use the middle finger (I am using it politely in this situation...) and then weave the hair below my pointer finger to secure it. That gives you the size basically.
You will then get a rubber band ready on the other hand and clench the hair right at the base--- pull your fingers out and wrap that rubber band around where you have it clenched by the starting pony tail.Finish it off my wrapping the end of the braid around it and secure it with a bobby pin, adjust the size of the bun part as needed/desired and you did it.
You just made a really cute messy bun and in no time at all!

A New Do>> Accessory Idea

**UPDATE** Because the pictures all deleted from this post at some point I found them and reinserted them, I left the text the same, but this is a fixed post. Hopefully I don't loose the pictures again because that is very annoying!!!

This idea (if ya care...) came to me during the giveaway last week. Someone wrote about a way to finish this "got time" hair style and I suggested to weave the little rubber bands through beads. Hummmmmm... I liked that idea a lot. And I wanted to try it for myself. She ended up buying some scrap book bead dots to just put on top of the rubber band which ended up very beautiful. She sent me pictures after the wedding and it was very pretty. I am still going to try that one of these days, but it got me thinking about what else I could weave these rubber bands around and into. It is a very interesting concept.So this is the hair style I am tut-ing on today. Which if you can't see those butterflies just enlarge the picture and you can see them a little better. Cute little addition don't you think?

Okay- using a needle for sewing I pushed the rubber band through one hole and back out the other side.

And I looped one side over the other to tie it off and not allow it to slip back through.

Now you can use this two ways or even use them both ways in one hair style. You can wrap them over and over again like your usually do. Of you can weave these around the hair and pull the loop over the button.

Just like doing up a button.
Now for this hair style I gave it a lot of twisties and just set those aside to combine later. With no rhyme or reason or pattern to it at all. The way I see it not everything needs to be perfect and precise. I like a little mess and disorder to my hair do's. She's four for heaven sakes-- If I do everything perfect now she'll expect perfection from me always. I have a very low pony tail at the bottom of the hair. And I am using one of the bigger bands. I don't often use these except in pony tails.

You will now divide the hair in half. Working with the first half of hair you twist it into a cork screw twist. You can use a band to tie it off, but that isn't necessary. Because we are just going to tie this into a knot and pin it to the head. And you want this to be loose and messy. So I am not going to use a rubber band-- you do what ever you want.
Once tied in a knot I pinned it with bobby pins to her head.
And then I repeated the same thing with the remaining other half of hair.

Knotted it up and pinned it to the base of the pony tail.

Then you wrap around the pony tail braids with those rubber band buttons. Make sure to leave out some extra fly away hair. Because this is a messy cute fun bun after all! Have fun with that! I see these button dills becoming a Jenn THING. They are fun to play with! Hope you like it too!



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