Head Band>> With Climbers


For this look you are going to start with two (small) ponytails on the top of the head. These two get divided going both ways crisscrossing back and forth. Once you get past that first part this style goes pretty simply for itself. Add braids between each pony tail and it will really make the crisscross part pop and be bold!


Bear with me please! My computer is beyond old. And we've had problem after problem with this thing. So today is the first time I've been on the computer in a long time! So I am trying to do a post or two and catch up on email... and if you've sent me an email recently I am sorry I haven't responded. I have also had a ton of it go directly to my junk folder and who knows how much has been dumped without me realizing it. So I am really sorry. If you wrote me a question or a picture to show me of you mad skills--- please resend them. I love hearing from you and seeing your hair styles. So please feel free to resend anything if you don't hear back from me by tomorrow! With that said... Lets do a hair tutorial.

I've had this one hanging around for a while. I did it originally with flowers, but after I got a feel for those Knot Heads and Trash Ties I wanted to use those as my hair accessory. You can do this one with rubber bands and add in flowers at each gathering or pick up the short set of Trash Ties or Knot Heads.

Start with just one pony tail-- small and up high.

You don't just move on to the next one and go in order. Na-- that's not our style around here! So you need to part the hair on each side of the pony tail and divide each side into two parts. The top one, or the one closest to the pony tail needs to be clipped up and out of the way for the next step to happen. Because we are going to gather the bottom one first and then go back to this top one and add that one below the first. This gives it that droopy look a little more naturally. Lets not disregard the fact that it looks really cool too!
Once you've done the second one undo the clips and join that hair into a pony tail. This is your third in this little series.
Do one more nice and low keeping them loose. This is a loose style. Having some of the whimsical loose ones up front make this look even more delicate and beautiful. So don't try getting this so tight you stretch out the eyes! That's not the idea here. Loose and simple! And simply beautiful! Have a great day! I'll have more soon for ya!

French Braid Halo

*****UPDATE*****I made a video for this style since I somehow lost all the step by step pictures. Hope it helps. Click on this link to be redirected.
It's been a while since I did anything with ribbon. I don't really have much of a walk through on this one. you just HAVE TO PRACTICE doing a french braid. And the better you get the easier this will be for you. When doing this hair do give yourself room to move around your little girl. And I don't recommend this for really wiggly kids. You will want them to hold still for a while when you are doing this. And the first dozen times you do this it will come out looking like and egg-- totally misshaped. Should you give up? NOT AT ALL! If you want to be good at anything you need to practice. So check out the video again and again and get that french braid down. And then give this a try.

French Braiding Video

I got another request for a french braid video yesterday. So I had Andy (My husband) do a quick video for me last night before bed time. He was out working in the garage and just about sliced himself open seconds before... and we were both a little shocked still when we started video taping. So don't be distracted by the distant sound in my voice. I'm here... and so is he!
Thanks Andy!

Cork Screw Part 2>> The Video

Okay I feel really guilty. I've got several emails and comments here on the blog about the difficulty level of this hair style. So in attempt (#2) to clear things up a bit I made this very low quality video clip of how to do the Cork Screw Braid. It was the only time my husband could help out and film this so the lighting comes and goes because we have no daylight sneaking in the windows. So don't judge me on the poor quality--- just love me for the effort! I also have like two other hair styles I want to get up and posted--- Summer just has me busy with other things! I love summer. Okay--- here goes!!! Hope it helps! Also it ends kind of abruptly, but I was just babbling anyways.



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