Hair Accessory Review

This is the fixing of a post gone missing. Back (forever ago) when I first posted this fun little review I was unsure how to tell you about this little accessory. I was contacted by two companies that had the same type of product. With homework... I found out more than I wanted to know about the two companies and there past relationship. Not wanting to be brought into the middle of things I tried to share both links and leave the choice up to you if you wanted this product. I think they both ended up hating me and my review. I still stand by this little product. Its a fun accessory. I keep one in my school bag and use if often, so still a great product. You can get this item for this site by Trash Ties or from this one called Knotheads. I use both and I don't know which is which any more--- they are the EXACT same thing.
Start with hair smoothed and combed through.
This is a fast hair do and you can whip it out in just a few minutes if you want. And we were in a hurry the day we did this, but its great. You start by picking up a small section near the face.
And twist your accessory (Trash Ties or Knotheads) in at the start.
Pick up another section of hair and join it with the first.
Wrap the accessory around that section.
Pull up another section form the hair...
And wrap the accessory around the hair. You continue this until you get to the back part of the hair.
You should have a lot of the accessory still hanging out, just leave it alone for a minute while you do the other side.
I don't have matching colors, but having two different colors works too. Pull the two sections together.
And twist the accessory around the hair. You can go every other color just for fun.
And this is what you get.

Hope you enjoy!

Simply and messy

This is one of my very favorites. Because it is so easy and so cute!
Back when I did my messy pigs tutorial I was asked by a few people about making perfect messy buns. I'll do my best to tell ya how I do it.
First thing you do for this hair style is put in your braids. I am an odd numbered girl and I do two one the one side and three on the other. And I off set mine so it is two and two and one extra just wide part in a diamond shape behind the two.
Take out all those rubber bands that were holding the braids while you were braiding and secure the hair into a pony tail.
Split the hair in half and weave it through your fingers like shown. this will make the same amount of hair loose all the way around the messy bun. Just secure a rubber band as close to the head as possible and pull your fingers out.
Move it around a little to make it nice and even.

Throw in a pretty flower for a little extra style.
And here's how it looks with a side of cheese!

Have a nice weekend!

Low Cork Screw Braid

I don't know what this is called. I tell ya--- I just see it and do it. Here's my explination. Please tell me if this is too few of word and pictures. I don't want this to get complicated because of not having enough explination. So you tell me....


Any time I am doing the cork screw I like to get the hair nice and wet. That helps to not have the fly aways. Just like the cork screw for cork screw madness you are going to twist the hair one way individually and the opposite way to combine the twist. So step one (1.) take your first part of hair and twist it clockwise. (2.) Take a second part right behind the first and twist it clock wise as well. I do mine really tight I think this defines it more. You can do it a loose twist if you want. I guess I do it both ways, but tight looks better in my opinion. (3.) Twist the two twists together counter clock wise to make your starting cork screw. This is the whole base of this hair style. After you've got that just keep parting out hair and twisting it individually clock wise and twist it into the main starter cork screw counter clock wise. You will do this with about 10 sections of hair on each side. Just keep twisting it into the main cork screw that you started with. (4.) When you get to the end secure it with a rubber band and repeat this on the other side. ***ONLY the individual hairs will now be twisted counter clock wise and the cork screw gets twisted together clock wise. So you just mirror the action.
You can leave the hair at the end in a pony tail or you can finish it like I did. I did a bunch of individual cork screws and bobby pinned them into the pony tail to make a bun. It flows well and I like how that looks. You can mix it up and do it any way you'd like.
Blogger doesn't allow me to upload to either sight, so this is the best I can do for now. I am going to go back and change SOMETHING, I am just not sure what or how yet. So this is it until I figure it out. But hope you like this hair do.

Row of braids

So we are doing a row of braids, Andy calls them the corn roll hair do. A lot of people want to do this but get all mixed up in keeping them in a strait row. So hopefully if that is your problem I can help you with that today. For starters, make your rows first and clip them off to keep them all separated. Give them a twist to hold them in place. As you are working on each section just re-wetten them. If you don't know this already, the way to keep your braids from having lots of fly away hairs in them is to get the hair nice and wet. Even dab a little gel in it to really make it tight. And do a French Braid or a Fish Bone Braid. Whatever...
This is the trick I use. When I am doing braids like this that are going to take a while I let her rest on my leg and I go to work on that side. And then I have her switch sides to work on the other side.I just did the braids on top and pulled them back to a pony tail. Leaving the rest down. You can go nuts and braid the whole head of hair. Perfect for girls camp or if you want the crimped hair the next day. I took out all those rubber bands and let it fly. I was surprised how many people stopped me to examine this hair do. I think people were mostly shocked she sat still long enough for me to do that. It was fun.
Have a great weekend!



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