Row of long knots

I've always called this a row of knots, but you call them what ever you want. Also--- We have a new model today! Yeah!!!! My beautiful niece S.J. was hanging out with Ky and I yesterday and her hair is perfect for this row of knots. She has nice thick hair. Ky's hair is thin and fine. If you are working with thin fine hair use bubby pins to secure this style atthe very end. Other wise it will hold on its own. So here you have it!
Part the hair the width of the for head (about).
Part out a section for your first knot. And it is shorter going back than it is wide. So the width of the forehead and half that length moving back.
So you have the hair for your first knot.
Separate it into two sections.
And tie it into a knot--- BUT don't stop there.
Twist it through that SAME knot three times. I usually send the right side around one more time and then the left side around one more time. I don't know it that makes any difference, but loop it through three times. And pull it down tight.
And you have your first knot.
Repeat these steps until you have four terrific knots. I flipped S.J.'s hair out with a flat iron to give it added style.
And here she is. What a cutie! Thank you S.J. for letting me do your hair!
You are so beautiful!

Another one with climbers

If you are here for this hair style... You are in the right place.
We are working with climbers again. Like we did in the hair-head-band a few weeks back. I love working with climber styles because it works for even those who can not braid. And they are quick and easy. And if you get to the bottom and your little one makes a big move that messes you up... You've only messed the style up to the last stop that you put in a rubber band. So this one is great for the movers and shakers. And those who have to do a little--- then let there little one play for a few--- then do a little more--- etc. etc.
I finished the right side of her head already so I could just get right to the point. But start by parting down the middle like you would for two piggy tails. When you are making parts for each section be sure to line up your parts or this will end up being a messy style. You are working with Knots again. I love working with knots. They end up making the style look very cool if done right and people are always asking how to do styles with knots. Put in your first pony tail and knot it up by taking the pony tail back through the hair.

If it looks like this you are right on track. If you need help with knots go to the Knotty Crown tutorial. And then come back and do three more climbers until you get near the bottom of the crown-- or back of the head.
Notice how I still have some hair down. I am going to gather this up into the last knot. I am going to gather them together with a rubber band. And there is a reason for this. Knots tend to point down and I want mine to point out. So by gathering in this hair I am forcing it to stand up and not be a downer.
So gather and smooth it together.
I don't want a lot of extra rubber bands in my style, so I am cutting the original one out!
If you don't want to do this-- don't. But if you do--- get it up and away from the hair so you don't cut hair.
Don't you think that looks better?
Remember me saying that knots point down. Well they point down and twist out of hair that is loose and at the end of a pony tail. So to keep this tight and smooth . I am dividing the hair 3/4 in my hand and 1/4 down to gather like we did before.
Secured with a rubber band I can give this a knot.
My next step is to combine with that 1/4 of hair left over. And then get ride of the rubber band.
I'm doing it again. Same thing. And depending on how long the hair is you can go on and on with these knots. They are so cute.
This is how many we can get in Niky's hair.
Put it all together and this is what you get.
With the cheese smile.For an alternative and a big time saver just pull the hair into low pig tails and do the two knots just at the the end. This is cute too!
Very cute!!!

Fish bone braid

How to do a fish bone braid? I've been telling you for weeks that it is easier than a french braid and I think you'll agree. There is a lot less to hold on to and be in charge of and not so much twisting. Someone commented that they felt like it takes longer to do a fish bone braid and--- I'll agree with that. So if you feel like you are going really slow I think you are pretty much right on track! As always I like working with wet hair. So I have dampened Ky's hair for this style. Divide the top section into two sections. This is all you need for the base of this style.
From there you start dividing out small sections from each side (one side at a time).
And you will cross it over the section base of the side you parted out and join it to the other side of your base that you divided out.

Then you move to the other side and part from the hair that is down and take it over the base of that side to join up with the other base.
Like so.

So you are now parting out a section and adding it by crossing over the top to the far bundle. And you do this over and over again until you get to the bottom and all the hair has been gathered and bundled.
And when you get to the bottom you can end it there and add some pretty curls to the bottom or you keep going.
To do that you start parting out the sections to cross over from the pony tail bundles in your hand. Watch what side you should be working from if would really stink to mess up here. So can you tell which section you crossed over last? start with that bundle of hair so your "bone" keeps going back and forth from side to side. Part out a section from the OUTER side of the pony tail and cross it over to the other pony tail.
You do that over and over until you get to where you want to end your braid.
Take from the outer section....
cross it over to the other pony tail....
and do it again form the other side!Finish it off with a rubber band.
And I always tuck mine under and secure it with bobby pins. It comes out looking like this. And usually I leave it this way, but today beans wanted to wear a huge pink flower. And this was what became of that plan...
Very pretty!

Cork Screw Maddness

This weeks hair do was submitted by Jenn. She saw this hair style and wanted to know how to do it for herself. So she took a picture and emailed it to me to figure out. This was fun. And I think I do pretty well figuring out hair styles, so if you have one you want me to figure out just email it to me. I love a challenge. Thank you Jenn! The biggest challenge on this one is the cork screw twist that you do over and over again. Hopefully I explain it well enough for you to follow.
♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

Before I get going I made this short ((Dorky)) video to explain how to do the cork screw twist. So watch this first because we do this a lot with this hair style over and over. So get it down. It's easy once you get the hang of it. (Thank you Andy Dear for video taping this.)
Now we can get started...
Get the hair nice and wet. The wetter the better for this style. Because as you twist you get less fly aways if it is very moist. You can also dab a little gel or moose in it to help with fly aways. Start by making five pony tails. Make them wide and deep. Have them go WAY back to the back of the head. Especially if you are doing this style on a little head. This is much more of a hair style for an older girl with a bigger head. But we can make anything work. And this is a very cute hair style. So get those pony tails.
And do a cork screw twist in each one. On the one on very top, the main pony tail you are going to do two cork screw twists. Okay now you are going to combine and undo and redo and get all mixed up. Just kidding. But I did the bottom rubber bands in yellow. ANY rubber band you see that is yellow is going to be removed from the hair style. They are just there to stabilize it while we work. Now comes combining. Take your top two cork screw twists and combine them with the twist right next to it.Take out the yellow rubber bands. Brush it out and if you need to get the ends wet again. I am serious about it being useful to keep away fly away hairs. And re-cork screw the left over hair into one bundle. Notice they are finished in yellow. Which means we will be taking out that rubber band eventually. Of the two on top... take the one on the right and combine it with the outer left twist. And take the left and combine it with the outer right twist. Put in a finisher rubber band. I skipped a picture accidentally, but it wasn't very important, just take out the yellow rubber bands and brush through the hair, re-wetting if needed and do a cork screw twist with the remaining hair. And that is where we are.
Combine the bottom two and let out the yellow rubber bands and sit back and say, "Yup-- I did that!" Good job! And here it is with that sweet smile. Thank you for your support. Hope you are having as much fun as I am.



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