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Beans & Me

The best thing in my life has been having kids. I have three. The one thing I learned from my mom that I have used FULLY in my own family. Is the importance of building that feeling of availability, compassion and love from a very early age. With each of my kids I work on that time of day that is just theres. That moment where they have my full attention. For Beans--- that moment is when we do hair. We've built a very fun friendship. I know these moments (may) only last for a while (with each of my kids), so I want to cherish and hold every moment near and dear to my heart and enjoy it all.

I like to think my style is kid friendly. Just like I don't want her to wear immodest clothing I want her hair to be appropriate for her age. So you aren't likely to see to many updo's that you'd see at a prom here. All thought I do like to think that you could modify a lot of my styles for older girls.

Beans is four years old and she loves playing dress up. Loves having her hair done and doing peoples hair. She loves to volunteer her mom for everything. And thinks her daddy can fix anything. Her favorite color is pink. And she wants to be the Tooth Ferry or an Animal Veterinarian when she grows up. She has a long list of best friends and adores meeting new people. And her biggest fear is ET. But not on the movie, she loves that. Its when she has dreams of ET that he scares her. She has two brothers that adore her. Big brother loves having a friend around always to play with. Little brother loves how mothering she is and that he can cuddle with mom or big sister and feel happy. Beans was also born in Rhode Island and has the nick-name of Miss Rhode Island (among many other names).

As for me... my greatest joy in life is being a mom. I married my husband after he served a mission for our church in Ohio. He came home and we fell instantly in love and have never been apart since. We have three wonderful kids. Ages six, four and almost 18 months old. Beans is our only girl. My hobbies are photography, hair art, writing, baseball (GO Red Sox.), and travel. I don't get to do that last one nearly enough.

So that's a little more about us. Thanks for coming to Girly Do's and letting us share with you are little hobby!



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