Peacock Bun

Yesterday I did a post that finished with the peacock bun.
And like I have said before with this broken shoulder I am not being the most creative person. Mostly just because it hurts to be ((wink wink)). While I am down
I am being forced to simplify my hair do's a bit. So the other day when Beans came to me in
tears she asked me why I was not doing her hair pretty anymore. And she said she
just wanted to be beautiful. I hugged her and told her no matter how her hair looked that she
is very beautiful. And I did this hair do--- one handed. Instead of sewing in ribbon I just used a fat bow we made. Beans choose out which bow she wanted to use. It's not my
favorite bow, but by all means--- my favorite girl!

Cute do. And (for me at least) it looked really cute when it started to loose its poof- and that was way late into the day, but it falls apart pretty cute also.
That is it.


  1. Hi Jen!

    You rock! Sore shoulder and all. Tell your dd I think she is beautiful too. How sweet she is. Thanks so much for the idea. I stink at messy buns and this one was much easier for me and still very cute!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. I like this one! i will need to watch you do it


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