Flip Flop Friday {The Results: Week 3}

Not many new additions to add to the pot this week. Which is good for all the people that have already entered in to Flip-Flop Friday's fun giveaway. We just have the one from Kori over at Hair 4 my Princess and she has had this done forever and ever over on her personal blog. I actually saw it about the same time I started Flip Flop Friday. She is as nuts as me and lets her daughter get "revenge" as she said it. Very cute hair do. I can't wait for your little princess to create like her own blog and show off her skills.

With that said we get to go right to the drawing:

List Randomizer

There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jamie
  2. Sarah
  3. Bridget
  4. Lindy
  5. Camara
  6. Julieann
  7. Dana
  8. Melissa
  9. Shaye
  10. Camille
  11. Margie
  12. Tonya
  13. Laura
  14. Sarah W.
  15. Liora
  16. Katie
  17. Kori
  18. Karen
  19. Lisa
  20. Britta
  21. Kathy
  22. Erika
  23. Mary
  24. Manina

YEAH for Jamie!!! From Curls and Cowlicks! This is a week one person too! I swear that was a good week to get your entry in, but even better----> Jamie is going to have a great story to share when she explains to her husband how she won her bows! (Teeeeheee) Too funny!!! (You have to email me and tell me how that goes down-- okay?)

Bows number 1,6,9 & 11 are gone. Choose from what's left and let me know which ones you are taking and give me a way to get these to you. Congratulations!! And there is still time to hook yourself up with some bows from All Things Ribbon. She gets things shipped out faster then anyone I have ever known. So I am betting that if you get them ordered today that you can still have them in time for Christmas. And enter in "girlydos" at the end for 15% off!

I am going to do one more week of Flip Flop Friday. If you want in on this game make sure and send over your hair do--- done by your daughter.

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