Another way to pig out.

This one has been on the "saved" files for a while and I just haven't got it posted. So I thought I'd throw it up here as an idea for ya'll.
Do big fat zig-zags and throw pony tail holders in the hair do all the way down. You could just do one or two...
or three. Keep going or stop there. leave some hair down or pull it all into pony tails. But don't forget that zig-zag part. Because that is what makes this hair do so cute.
The dimples help in the cuteness factor for this hair do.


  1. Awww she's is adorable!! cute hairstyle :0]thanks for posting!

  2. Um, BEANS helps in the cuteness factor for this hairdo! Could she be any cuter? Oh yes, and the hairstyle is pretty cute too. ;)

  3. Those dimples would help ANY hairdo. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. Super cute.

  4. LOL, your DD is SO stinkin' cute! The hairstyle is cute too, but she just makes it work! ;)

  5. Love this hairdo! My dd's 15mo. old, and although her hair is _finally_ long enough for some basic pigtails, I don't think we'll be able to attempt this do for a few months yet. Looking very forward to the day that we do! :) Thanks for all of the great ideas & styles. They're greatly appreciated.

  6. I did this on my daughter and her girlfriend (they wanted to be twins :) and they looked adorable together. It was great, cuz it only took a few minutes, but had a big WOW in the end. Thanks for sharing your creativity.


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