Zig-Zag part

I must apologize right up front. I feel really bad that I haven't done this a long time ago. A blog friend that I meet way back when I first started my hair blog asked me FOREVER ago to show her how to for a zig-zag part. And I haven't got it done. I feel really bad for that. So I am so sorry Laura--- but here it is.

This isn't a hard style. As a matter of fact this is one of my out the door hair do's that I throw together when we are in a hurry. So if you are in need of a quickie--- here's a good one.
I did a fancy braid from Cutie Pie Hair Creations. That was just for fun. Anyways... pull the hair into a VERY loose pony tail where you want to do your zig-zag part. Hold it loose and comb any fly away hair smooth. You don't need to worry about having all the hair in your hand since you are just doing a part.
Using a comb with a pointed end or a pencil start your part by placing the end of the comb where you want to start. This is a lot like driving. 10 and 2--- have your comb angled as if it was in the 2 position on a clock moving towards the 8 position and then slide it into the hair and stop at however wide you want your part. Watch how far the comb goes into the hair. You will want to repeat this with each turn.
Stop your comb and pivot around. Now you are in the 10 position on a clock moving towards the 4 position on a clock. STOP! watch this next picture I think it shows how I move the comb through the hair to make the part.
Slide it in. And stop at about the same spot you were watching from the first part. If you do that you will have a nice even part.
Stop and pivot.
Slide it through.
Once at the bottom finish he part and divide the hair into your pig tails.
That is a zig-zag part. Beautiful. And I don't worry about it being totally perfect--- you can drive yourself mad making yours perfect, but not me. I can handle things being a bit off.
Secure and then make them messy pigs.


  1. Thank you for this one! I can never seem to get that zig-zag part right! Thank you!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! So cute. I can't wait to play with it.

  3. FINALLY I get it!! LOL. Thank you so much! ;)


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