I know you are just here for the hair, but I have just got to post this! My friend Duane drew me my own super hero hair stylist chick! If you look close in her hero utility belt she is totally sporting a blow drier. ((ha ha))
I love her! Duane and I go way back to High school days he used to draw me all kinds of fun cartoons in our English class and in Journalism. And when I was dating a guy in the Marines Duane would travel with me to California and keep me out of trouble. Well He's mad talented. Thank you Duane. This is my new profile picture and when you click the link to about me you will see her. (Visit Duane's page here.)

And on another note... Yesterday I announced the Flip Flop Friday Challenge. Well it is officially a giveaway. Remember Jen from All Things Ribbon. She is so rad. She saw that post and thought how fun it looked and asked if she could supply some bows for it. So enter by having your little one do your hair (dad's hair is good too) and then we will draw a random winner and your little girl can choose out her own bow from the ones Jen is sending me for the giveaway. SHE GETS TO PICK HER OWN!!! How fun is that? And the pictures are already showing up in my in box and I must say that this is so cute! I am glad we are doing this--- it has put a smile on my face and it is sure to put one on yours too! You only have one week to get your pictures to me, so get them coming.

All Things Ribbon
is also having a great sale on there Korker Flowers. If you have not signed up to receive the news of deals from her you can do it here. That way you can get an even better deal on her bows. Don't forget to enter in "girlydo's" at check out on her site. I believe the discount is still going on. I might be wrong...

Oh and can I get the email addresses from the other hair bloggers please. Just email me at girlydos@hotmail.com. Thank you.


  1. Awesome picture. Also, I feel bad that the picture of my hair didn't turn out better. Oh well. She did such a cute job and works hard. I'm pregnant and she does my hair a lot. :) Again, this is fun.


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