Handmade Auction for Ash

like you to meet Ash. Youngest of three children in her family. This is my best friend Rory and his wife Jody's baby girl. She just turned five this year. Back when she was three years old they found cancer growing in one of her kidneys. They removed the whole kidney and did chemo for several months. While in remission they found it had returned and had to start chemotherapy again along with a year of radiation to try and cleans her body of the disease. She is now nearing the end of round two of curing this disease.

You may remember the first time I mentioned this family was 8.26.2009 when I donated my hair to locks of love. It has been a long tiring process for their family and you can imagine the financial obligation they have accrued. So I would like to help out a little. And I am asking for your support in helping them.

Here's my idea. I am hosting a HANDMADE AUCTION!!! All Proceeds will be given to Rory and Jody to help with medical bills and treatment. Send me an email at girlydos(at)hotmail.com with the following information and "Auction" as the subject.

Title of item you are donating
Short description of the item (optional)
Photo of the item
Retail Value
Web address or link to Etsy Store where you sell your item.
(If you don't have a store, but would like to help in the cause we are just thankful for anything you would like to donate. You don't have to have a store or website to get involved.)
This is good for if people don't win that they can know where to purchase the item for them self. The holidays are coming, so show us w
hat you have by donating to this GREAT cause.
***You will be responsible for postage to send the item to the highest bidder, and they will contact you with their address when the auction ends.

Dates: Emails must be received by Monday, November 15th. That is almost two weeks to create your item or items.
Auction will begin Thursday, November 18th and it will end Saturday, November 20th at Midnight (Mountain Time).

Thank you to all who choose to participate! Get started on your handmade goodies and (definitely) check back to bid on these items on November 18th. I know Ash and her family appreciate your help. I can't imagine watching a loved one go through this, so I hope we can help lighten there burden a little.


  1. You are so sweet for doing this. You've got my stuff - just let me know if I can do more. I'm not the most creative - but the girls were so excited to help!

  2. I want to help also! But you pick the item!

    <3 amie

  3. Check out HairStare.com for great hairstyle ideas

  4. Jenn--I can make hoodie towels for bath-time. I made a lamb, a duck, a pig, a hippo, and a frog for my girls, but I can also make them just hoodies with a cute ribbon. I'd be willing to try other animals if someone has a different one in mind. I don't have any pics, but I promise they are cute! Let me know if you want one/some. Love ya!

  5. I could mmaybe crochet some little teddies if you like?

  6. What a wonderful thing. I will for sure dontate some hair flowers and bows. I just have to get my other computer up and going when it gets back from the shop. Good luck

  7. Are you going to make a button for this, if so I would love to throw it up on my blog, and I'm sure many other people would be willing to do that too, help spread the word.


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