The Bows...

**UPDATE** You have until Friday at noon to get the pictures to me. That's when we will post and choose the first weeks winner.
The bows for the Flip Flop Friday Giveaway arrived from All Things Ribbon today! And WOW!!! These are so beautiful! The dill is that this is going to go on for six weeks. I have 12 bows. That means the winner each week will get to choose two bows from these choices--->
Thank you so much All Things Ribbon For supplying such a HUGE amount of great bows for this giveaway... Jen also tells me to keep using "GirlyDo's" in the code field at check out for additional savings! So go get your holiday bows now. Make sure to order them with enough time for her to get them shipped to you!

One more thing... If you get your pictures to me this week you will be in the drawing for all six weeks. So this is the best week to get in on this! Woowho!!! Thank you again!!!


  1. OOOO!!! Those are sooooo adorable! Pick me pick me!!!

  2. I love them all- great stocking stuffers!

  3. Oh dear :( So what do I do when my daughter is 4 months old??? I want to win some of these for her but yeah...

    Maybe I should have my husband play with my hair (he loves to do that) ;)

  4. Found a sweet coupon, for those of us who use lots of ouchless products. Here it is

    $2 off any Goody ouchless product, I used 10 at Wal Mart and ended up paying $3. AWESOME!

  5. When do we have to have these in by? Can I send my picture tonight? I sort of forgot this week! :(

  6. WOW! Those are gorgeous!!! Their bows always look so yummy!

  7. YAY! 11:56am. Anyone else getting excited??? :) I can't wait to see everyone's dos!


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