Another Head Band

When I saw this hair do posted on another blog I went out and tried it right away. And guess what... Beans hair doesn't hold it well. Her hair is thin...fine and it fell out within' a few short hours. Not her hair... the style. And I was sure I did something wrong. But I did it to my nieces hair and it held very nicely. Well I love the look and like anything you love you got to find a way to make it work--- right? So this is what I came up with. And I must say that I think if you are stuck in a rut as far as creativity (in regards to hair) I think this will get your thinker working again and creating something new. I already have like five other things I want to try with this little twist. So lets show ya what I am talking about.
Start by parting the hair. I still parted on the side. And next you part for your braid down front on both sides. And pull the hair back into a pony tail to keep the hair you aren't using out of the way.
You are going to part out the hair and weave them together. We are braiding so you need three strand on each side. Cross them over to the other side. you are going to use this weaving to make this seamless. Or without a part. That is the big trick.
Use a clip to hold down whichever side you are not going to work on braiding first. And start french braiding down that side. WAIT---- don't just jump into it. Do a normal braid without adding the hair for about five twists. And then add some hair into the braid. Do a few more normal without adding any extra for about five more and then add the hair on the same side as before. So if you start adding form the front keep adding from the front. And don't keep adding hair to the same bundle of hair. Make sure it is a different group each time. Sorry no pictures of the braid this time... camera died and I figured heck--- its a braid. I know some people are still working on the standard French braid. So it would have been nice. I hope you'll forgive me.

Last step youa re going to do is use a rubber band to secure the two barids together underneath the hair. That is what will make it look like a head band. And then I made mine into a pretty pony tail and let it fly. Its so pretty. And of course I could finish it like the original add sew in that ribbon, but its nice either way.
Now that we have the style done and she has told me she loves it so much.
We finished it off with the bow I won way back when from Christine. She has since that time started up her own Bow Site where she is selling these beautiful bows. Go check out her goods here. Thank you for the very pretty bows Christine (Mama D).


  1. ♥ VERY cute!!! :) Now I just need to look closer and figure it out! :)

  2. SWEET!! that is perfect for my girls cause their hair isnt long enough to do the other headband yet but i bet this one will work! thanks!!

  3. I love how you hid the part with that weave thing! This is cute.

  4. I love it! I keep reading it over and over for some reason I just don't get how it's done.. im special but it looks really cute hopefully i can figure it out Love your new blog by the way!

  5. cute! I've been browsing your site for a while but my daughter is finally getting the patience to let me try some of the styles out. I'm excited to try this out sometime.

  6. Jenn,
    So cute! Thanks for posting it! i totally need to send you some more bows! I make them a bit better now! haha so they are not so fat in the middle! I am going to be doing a Christmas Giveaway I hope to have it up by Friday!

  7. Hi Jenn,
    I don't know if you will even get this comment or how it works with the video being so long ago.....anyway, I love this style, but my prob is my DS has bangs. What, if anything, do you reccommened doing differently? Do you think it just wont work with bangs? Im thinking it would change and take away from the whole look. But then again, that is why my baby girls cute hair depends solely on YOUR ideas, because Im clueless when it come to the creating/visioning part.:)I can copy pretty well though!lol
    Sorry for the rambling!
    thank you so much

    1. Depending on how far back her bangs go... I think you could do this right behind them and style the bangs like normal. You will just be doing the head band back a little farther.


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