Time's up----

And the winner is #129

That is...
Jenn said...

I'm sure to get the black with velvet hairband. With the holidays coming, I'm sure I could use that one a lot!

Just for the record that is not me Jenn- but a whole different Jenn. One I don't know, but her family is cute. (I just checked out her cute family blog.) So congratulations Jenn!

And I have a few more hair do's I had planned on posting during this drawing to show off more fun stuff from All Things Ribbon. But I feel behind on life and all the things I wanted to do again--- sorry. Thank you Jen for letting me host this fun giveaway for your beautiful bows. Don't forget even if you didn't win you can still buy everything you want right now and get it at a discounted price by entering "girlydo's" as a promotional code.

Congratulations Jenn...
And Thank you Jen...
And this is Jenn saying see ya in a day or two with something new!!!

Oh- And Jenn (The winner Jenn) Please email me your email address so I can get this prize to you. girlydos@hotmail.com thank you.

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  1. Thanks so much! I just sent you an email with my email address, but I forgot to say how adorable I think your daughter is. What a great model you have! Thanks again SO much!


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