Good grief do I ever feel like a pooper- So my Internet went down again. I think my computer having problems is closely related to blog giveaways-- they are just to much for my dear sweet computer to handle. Just kidding. But I wanted to tell you about my latest and greatest button that is on my side bar. Its been up there for a few days so some of you might have seen him and even clicked on him. It seems like every day that I get deals emailed to me from different hair accessory people. That's cool and I love to share that, but talking all the time about the deals that everyone is having takes up a lot of precious hair tutorial space. So in effort to tell those who want to know the deals---- the deals... I have made this button. And let Napoleon take you to a deal that is "FLIPPIN SWEET". Go ahead and click it now. Its going to take you to the deal of the week.

It goes hand-in-hand with my giveaway... Its a discount off your purchase over at All Things Ribbon if you enter in the word "girlydo's" all lower case at the time of checkout you will get a sweet discount. So that is of course why this is this weeks "FLIPPIN' SWEET Deal".


  1. FUNNY! Jenn you make me laugh!!hehehe

  2. I love your blog! However, can you tell me how to turn *off* the Mu-Zak? Normally music players have an off or pause button, but I can't find one on this one. Those players make it difficult for me to navigate the site because they slow down my computer; also, if I am listening to other music online, they interfere with that.

    I want to be able to explore your site more...please let me know how to turn this off! Thanks!!


  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have a little girl she is 4 months so right she doesn't have too much hair to do all the fun things you show but I do make hair clips I'd like to share my website with you it is Thanks so much!


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