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I have this love of having hair down lately. I have just loved to see Nikyla with her hair more down and beautiful than up and tight. I guess I am just growing up and with that my interests are changing and growing up with me as well. One thing I am sure to never outgrow is keeping the front part of the hair out of her eyes (one) and (two) keeping hair off the face most importantly--- DURING BOOGIE SEASON. It's getting colder outside and while I follow my kids around this time of year with tissue in hand I know they will be places that aren't so diligent in keeping the snot off the face and out of the hair and cleaned up. I know its a gross topic, but it is true. It goes the same every year that you will see dozens of kids and hair stuck all over there snot covered face. Its gross. I try to avoid it. And I don't judge the parents or kids harshly at all. It is just a fact of life that during winter kids are a little grosser than summer time. ((My Opinion-- of course.)) So I try my darnedest to keep those hairs that would find there way into disgusting territory under close watch during this time of year. So this is a hair do that will do just that (Fingers crossed).

This really is easy-- a no brainer. All you are doing is two braids and pinning them together in the middle.
Start off my parting out the front for your first braid. Hold the part in back out of the way with a clip.
Braid the front part of the hair. To have it closer to the back you will do the method of braiding where you only add hair from one side. Of course I added on the front side each time and that is how we kept this close to that back part.
Divide out your next section of hair and braid that section going the opposite direction so the front braid ends on the left side of the head and the back braid ends on the right side of the head. Again adding hair only from the back of the head so that it is close to that (now) middle part.
Once you have secured the hair with rubber bands you are going to tug the braids close together and secure them with bobby pins down the middle covering up that middle part and making it look like one big fat chunky braid. Kind of...
Its that easy. It will stay back and off her face and that way it will be nice and clean. Have a nice day!!!


  1. I really really love this one - it has a beautiful line :)

  2. This is fun - I think I could do this even with my girls' shorter hair! Fun!

  3. cute Jenn! I like my girls hair down in the fall winter too!

  4. I'm in heaven checking out all your ideas! I've been in a hair slump with my daughter's hair; tired of doing the same ol' stuff all the time, and now I have some fun new ideas. Thank you!

  5. I really like this one! Thanks! I'm going to use it tomorrow for church!

  6. I did this with my 5 year old's hair yesterday but I twisted the ends up and made it into a 'crown' on top of her head. I am a new visitor and wanted to say thanks for the ideas!


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