Boof-age and Bows

I am not much of a trend follower. I actually tend to do my own thing more often times than not. However... I am loving Hollywood Hair lately. Have you been watching the trend? I don't think I would have noticed except my sister-in-law came to me wanting to know how to get "The Look." Its really easy and so I showed her how on her hair. And then the next day I gave it a try on Nikyla's hair... not so cute. But I figured out how to make the look very cute on a little girl!

Here is the trend--- first look at these pictures and tell me if you can tell what it is on your own...

This little poof effect I've always called boof-age. Well growing up that was what my sister and I called it. So for familiarity we are calling it boofage here. BIG hair was a BIG trend back while I was growing up. Having high bangs was totally in. Well I must tell you that I am totally loving this updated "cleaner" version of this hair style.

So I am going to teach you how to do BOOFAGE!!!
Don't be shocked when you start doing this to your own hair.

To make this hair style work for a four year old girl I had to add a little accessory. It dolls it up and dulls it down to be a perfect down style for a sweet little girl. I got the head band I will be using from:
(click the banner to be taken there.)

I also have a great giveaway coming form this cool cat later today. I've just separated it into two entries so as to not totally overwhelm anyone. So come back for the giveaway-- its a doosie of a good deal!
For starters I have separated out the front part of the hair for what I plan on having bobby pinned to the front of her head to frame her face.
Next you will part out a section of hair.
You will back comb this section of hair. Back combing ---- or ratting--- is where you comb through the hair towards the scalp. Or completely in the opposite direction you normally comb the hair. You are just doing this to the base and not the whole section of hair. After you get a good chunk of it ratted you will spray some hair spray into it. They say aerosol is better, but its worse on the environment, so use your non-aerosol spray and just blow on the hair until it dries a bit. Back comb it again just a touch more and add a little more hair spray.
It should look similar to this. Please notice that it is just near the base and not the whole section is ratted.
Flop that little section over so that it is out of your way to do another section.
Get your next section parted out and do the exact same thing. For Beans I end up ratting three sections. I think three should be a minimum. But if you have thick hair or want really big hair you may do more.
Once you have all three sections parted, and them back combed you are going to have a big mess on your hands. Or at least it looks like a big mess.
Flip the hair back over so that it is in back and not draped over the front.
Very lightly with your brush smooth out the top section of hair. You don't want to completely brush out the back combing. It adds a nice texture to the hair do to leave it in a bit.
This is the smoothed out look.
I've taken the front and smoothed out the hair and used bobby pins to hold it in place. If you criss-cross your pins like this picture you will find that they hold better and last all day long!!!
Here it is--- some awesome boofage.
Just like Hollywood hair!!! However--- My Beans is four years old. And I want her to stay little for as long as she possibly can stay little! So we had to make this a hair do that works for little girls. And once we put that cute head band in...
This hair do quickly took off and became an all time favorite for me.
Thank you All Things Ribbons for the head band that totally made this look work!

Come back and see the giveaway and full review for All Things Ribbon!


  1. Love it!! You're right, I may steal this one for won't be the first!

    Is it horrible to comb out at the end of the day?

  2. SO cute. I love the boofage! :o)

  3. I too worry about the possible damage that back-combing can do to hair... unlike the hollywood starlets, my daughter won't be getting extensions to fix where I broke her hair all to bits... Thoughts?

  4. I totally understand your concern for the damage part of this hair do. And like a lot of hair do's weather you use rubber bands back combing or whatever... you need to have a good escape plan. By that I mean get the rubber bands out without tearing the hair, get the snarls (from back combing) out without doing damage. I suggest a good bath for the back combing. Before you comb through it get it washed and use conditioner. And you should never be teasing hair to the point of breaking anyways. Just keep your back combing light and you shouldn't have any problems.

  5. Thanks! I might try it. It really does look adorable!

  6. Can I just say that your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!! You are going to have your hands full when she is a teen! Nice technique! Thx.

  7. love the back to school sets! super cute colors. the headbands are exquisite.

  8. Wow - you're not kiddin' about that boof -- makes her look totally older! BTW - go check out my blog - You, my dear are getting another award!

  9. dang--I was hoping you were going to show how to do Miley Cyrus curls (and give the goods on how to get them to stay all day or through a rocking concert). Cute, do, though. I need all the help I can get.

  10. i really enjoy your blog. I have one of my own and recently added you on a link list for my four fav's. Check mine out and if you likey--it would be awesome if you would link back to mine too!


  11. Okay, spent time looking through your pages again, and remembered how much I love this style! I used to do this to my own hair in high school... I still do sometimes:) I just tried it on my Alex's hair last week... so cute! Thanks so much for linking me on your page. I look forward to more great do's from you:)


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