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**UPDATE** This is another fixed post from the photo's disappearing.

This is one of my favorite hair do's. It was inspired by this post from Hairstyles for my Princess. It is very different, but this was where the idea kind-of came from.
Start by dividing the hair into pony tails one set on top I gave mine a little knot for extra design. You should have the same amount on the left side as you so on the right side. You will also end up having the same amount on the bottom row as you had on the top row. After the first row is finished you then following the same rows you are repeating the pony tail below the first one. Follow the part all the way back and secure it with a rubber band.
Next you do your weaving. Secure one side first by replacing the rubber band on bottom with a new one or just combining it with the first one. Whatever you want to do.
And then using your pointy comb weave the hair over and under for this finished look. Notice how the original hair do has the hair twisted and they do not have the rubber bands in the top pony tail.... Whatever... do what you want. I like it both ways, but today we wanted a flush to the head look.
Last step is to make a mess out of all those pony tails in back by doing them all into messy buns. We aren't fancy around here. I do (tend to) like the messy look. So make you messy buns. For the how to on that one again go here. But that needs a little more love don't you think? Me too!!!
I am learning at art of bows. Not making them, but using them. I've tried my hand in making them and I am a bow making misfit... Maybe I'll try again someday, but for now I will rely on good talented people like the gals at Angela's Accessories. I think this bow gave this hair style the finishing look it needed! It for sure is what made it seem so fancy too me.

Hope you love this one and try it today on your little lady!


  1. This is so cute!!! I love it. I did it to my little girl the other day plus I added the "hair net" to it and she loved it. It took me a long time but i love to see her lookin' so cute!

    Thx for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  2. That is adorable!! I just noticed a problem that I thought I'd let you know about. The link that you have for making messy buns is not working...maybe it was to your old blog?
    Just wanted to let you know.

  3. I did this one on my 8 year old today, and it is so cute! It is also much easier than it looks - if I can do it, anyone can! Thanks again for all the ideas!

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  5. Help. I love this hairstyle and really want to try my hand at it. But the description alone is just not enough for me and I can't get the step by step photos to show up. Thanks

  6. I'm going to attempt this today. :)


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