My (Quick) Messy Bun

***UPDATE*** This was another post where the pictures deleted and needed to be fixed. When talking messy buns there are probably a dozen ways to do a messy bun. This is the way I use most often. And it is super fast. For today's messy bun I have done two braids down the top of the hair in piggy tail fashion and then combined them into one braid. Combine into the one braid by simply adding the hair from one braid to the other and finishing braiding into one.
I am showing you this picture really quickly just before I do the bun to show you what I am doing with the braid after the bun to finish off this hair style nicely. I did use a bobby pin to hold it flat so it doesn't roll down over the bun. Do not do this before the bun. I just did it to show you without the bun in the way. So take that out and lets do the bun...
For my quick messy bun I split the hair in half horizontally--and I roll the top half over my ring finger and below my pinkie to secure it. For the bottom half I use the middle finger (I am using it politely in this situation...) and then weave the hair below my pointer finger to secure it. That gives you the size basically.
You will then get a rubber band ready on the other hand and clench the hair right at the base--- pull your fingers out and wrap that rubber band around where you have it clenched by the starting pony tail.Finish it off my wrapping the end of the braid around it and secure it with a bobby pin, adjust the size of the bun part as needed/desired and you did it.
You just made a really cute messy bun and in no time at all!


  1. THANK YOU!! everytime i see someone with a messy bun i think "HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT?!?!" i've only been able to barely achieve it with lots of bobby pins.

    my 1 year old doesn't have hair enough to style yet, but i'm in love with your blog for ideas when she does!

  2. Your step-by-step instructions are absolutely amazing. You have no idea what a gift you are to our family! My little girl has loved having her hair done, and having the instructions explained so well has made me venture out of my comfort zone (2 french braids was my fanciest style until now!). Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent!

  3. Umm Jenn, I tried looking at a bunch of your hairstyles and there are like 15 that turn up with a question mark so please can you re upload them if possible...thanks im a really big fan btw

  4. oh and please email me back at i am the message above

  5. Hi! I just LOVE your tutorials. I donn't have kids of my own yet but I have played with my nieces hair so much she now tells me "can't you just brush my hair tomorrow?!" I will be trying this beautiful hair do next jaja You are truly gifted. =D



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