A Stolen Hair Do

**UPDATE** This one was another one that the photos disappeared from. I can't find the step by step on it, but this is how it should look and my best word for word tutorial. Luckily this one has help of going and checking out another persons perspective. My real only input was with the bobby-pin trick. Babes in Hairland posted this hair do a while back and it brought back some good memories. I used to have bobby pins in school with me for classes I needed to stay awake in and needed a diversion from the sleepies. So I would twist my hair into this fun bun.

I have very thick hair! Like so thick I could probably donate half and still have a full head of hair. And the person that received my other half of hair would think they had very thick hair. Don't mistake I am not saying long--- I am saying thick. I have always had thick hair and this style always took FOREVER for me to complete. I tried it on Beans a while back and of course hers is too thin. What I wouldn't give for her to have thick hair. But at-last it was not meant to be. After having been over at Babes in Hairland place and seeing this again I really wanted it to work for Beans and her thin hair. So I am going to show you how she did this hair do, even though her explanation is far better than mine. But what I really want to show you is a way to creatively make styles like this work for you if you are struggling with thin hair and I bet you can already guess how I made it work for her.

I buy my bobby-pins direct from a hair supply shop. Because I can buy ones that are smaller and made to fit in thinner more fine hair. Even that didn't work for this hair do. I believe it was these short ones I originally tried the first run through. The problem was I couldn't hide the end. So one day I decided to tie a ribbon on the end. It makes this hair do a little more messy, but I love a good messy lookin' hair do. When it is done--- right! Since that time I have seen some really inventive people who have added little jewels to the ends of bobby pins for the same effect. You can add flowers or all kinds of goodies! But I was just super thrilled I finally figured out how to make this fun style they call worms work. And one of my favorite pass time hair do's for myself was made achievable for my wee-one! I am so thrilled!

My simple explanation is to pull the hair into a pony tail and then take little sections one at a time and twist like mad---- keep going until it starts to curve and bend and twist all over the place. Then use one of those ribbon bobby pins to clamp it down tight to the head. Do this over and over again. It practically just falls into place. Good grief I used to do this on my own head all the time. So I know it falls into place nicely. Thank you Babes in Hairland!


  1. my gosh! i wish i could do that to my hair! and i am old!

  2. Ok. Im going to be ambitious. You said this one would have me doing all the girls in dance classes hair and it looks so simple. I will do this today on Taylor for her dance class. She is actually also doing a recital today so now is the time for something great and new! Thanks so much for the help!

    Love and Prayers,



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