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Lots of people loved this one when I originally posted it. I am happy to finally have it back on the blog for those who were looking for it while it was lost.

For this hair do you will need some extra clips to hold hair out of your way, lots of rubber bands and lots of time. This hair do is not for those with week stomachs or daughters with short sitting syndrome. Do not attempt this on a wiggler--- if you aren't patient already (in life) this will only make it worse. Consider yourself warned. Lets make this hair do happen people. Before you start review this tutorial. Because essentially that is all we are doing, but all the way around the head. The hair can be wet or lightly dampened for this one. It can't be completely dry for this to work. I damped as I go along. I start with a part right down the top. For me it works best right down the middle and not off centered.You now part out a circle section. About an inch and a half from the outer hair line. You then pull the rest into a pony tail to keep it out of your way.
I eventually realize that this loose bun just isn't keeping that pony tail out of my way to work and I tighten it up. You will now make a bunch of pony tails all the way around the outside of the hair.
There is no exact amount that you should end up with. It will work with any finishing number. It is mostly important that they all end up the same size and close to the same amount.
This was where I fixed the bun and made it tighter so it was out of my work space.
Now take half from each pony tail and join them to the together.
You should have this at this point.
Remember this goes all the way around.
You take the pony tail out to part out another circle section of hair to work with.
Looks messy doesn't it. Like I said... this one is hard.
You now part out sections to make your diamond shape for the climbers.
Divide out half from both pony tails and combine with that pony tail you just divided out.

Secure with a rubber band. Repeat this step all the way around the hair.
Top bottom--- ALL THE WAY.
I've divided out half of the pony tails one more time and combine them together.
If you are working with a big head you can repeat the steps and divide out another circle from the pony tail-- just keep climbing until you get to a good spot to make your final pony tail.
Take out your bun of left over hair and combine the individual pony tails into one big pony tail to finish it off.
Like so. From here you can make it into a pretty bun. I usually do a bun at this point to show off the diamonds underneath the hair. And when I originally did this hair do I did a bun, however we have a dance recital today, so it needed to be left down in a pony tail.

We curled it and let it be in a pony tail for the day, but you get the idea.

This is one of our favorites around here. We don't do it often, but when we do... we love it.


  1. I absolutely LOVED this style! I tried it on my daughter Sunday

  2. I just did this on my daughter and it was actually fairly easy! My daughter is almost 4 and doesn't really like sitting still long...but she did pretty well. She also has lots of wisps of hair that go all over the place when it's just in a it's great doing this and not having that problem. Thanks sooo much!!

  3. I LOVE the 1st one and the -I think last one! I have been looking everywhere for this style. Thank you thank you. I am bookmarking this-however you do that. Great picture-will need that when I attempt it. Where did you learn to do this?

  4. I absoloutly love this hairdo and all the other hairdos! My daughter and I always try them out, and we just love it.

  5. So we did this style this weekend, and I have to say, it holds up well. My daughter plays rough. She did well putting all the pony's in, but taking them out was horrible. I don't know if it was because she was tired or what. I ended up cutting the elastics out of her hair. Any tips on removing elastics?

  6. I am going to do this on my aunt, because she loves it when I do her hair. She will be VERY surprised when she sees it in the mirror.

    LOVE IT!!!!

  7. I used this tutorial to do my daughter's hair and I love it. It has lasted for a really long time. I still get compliments on it and it is 2 weeks old. I came back because I wanted to post a link to your blog from my personal blog with pictures of my child, but I don't see the pictures here anymore. Can that be fixed, is it my computer?


  8. I think it turned out even more beautiful this time! Love it. But unfortunately - I don't have time on this one! LOL

  9. It is my girl's favorite. We always use a combination of yellow, green and pink rubber bands :-)

  10. This one is amazing !! i want to try it on myself (im 13) but my hands get tired after a while ...

  11. My eldest has her first pagent this coming Saturday. I hope she'll let me do this!

  12. I'm going to attempt to do this... I hope it works and I don't have tired arms or impatience..(probbably just tired arms..)
    Super cute!!

  13. I just did this hairdo Sunday for my little 5yr old. She loved it, and so did everybody else. Thanks Jenn!

  14. this is very lovely and creative thank you :)

  15. Love this look. Do you know how long it actually took you to do it? I'm thinking I will try it with my daughter, but only the top half and leave the bottom down. Then I can do a half bun.

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