A Fun Quick Bun

With school starting I am trying to post more of my simple hair do's that are pretty quick to whip out and look pretty darn cute. A lot of these styles are so simple and I don't doubt they have been done on one of the MANY other hair blogs that have popped up lately. But I honestly only surf a few other hair blogs, so I have no idea if this has been done somewhere else. And you actually don't need to comment and tell me yea or nay because I don't care. How very evil of me I know! But I have a life outside of hair. This is just a fun little hobby that I refuse to get obsessed over. This is the look we are going for today.
Simply pull the hair into a pony tail and braid down the back. You don't need to put a rubber band in the bottom. You want fly aways after you knot it up.

Tie it into a knot
Use bobby pins to secure it at the base nice and tight. And throw in a little sculpting jell to hold those hairs hanging out to be a little spikier. This is a messy look, but I've said it before and I will say it again. I love a good intentional messy hair do. Its the ones that aren't intentional that drive me nuts.

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  1. That looks SOOO cool!!! I wish I could do it on my hair, but my hair is too short.

    P.S.: I can still do it on my aunts hair!:D


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