A Full Head of Knots

This one has been kicking around on the computer waiting to be posted, but with all the drama this last week and the remodeling going on... still, it hadn't got posted yet. To do this style you may need to refresh yourself with this knot tutorial. Because that is the kind of knot we are using here.
This is the look we are working on.
You are going to do a part down the middle and do your knots on each side of the part. But you are going to to use those hairs that are in the middle to combine with knots on the other side.
Like so. Just part out like doing a normal knot and add that extra piece in as you are tying the knot up. I did this several times and did them all over the head and then I made some messy buns to finish it off.
Cute cute!!! Have fun with this style.

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