Friends--- go here and check out a give away from She Does Hair. And while you are there check out her hair do's. She is so mad talented! I want to be her when I grow up.

Also new to the game is Babes in Hair Land. I would love to get my hands in her daughters thick hair!!! She has some way cute hair do's to paroose too! check out her three pony tail knotted up do. I did a cheep rip off on Nikyla on Sunday and it was so sweet!

And though she doesn't know I am lurking on her sight yet- because I have yet to comment, check out the styles over at Pipers Hair Do's she's got some good idea's too!

If you know of any other hair sights I'd love to sneak a peek at them. So many talented people out there doing the thing I love! And most--- much better than me! So go check them out. See ya soon with a new do I am working on perfecting as we speak!

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