Real Head Bands

Headbands are a funny thing to me. I love them, but Nikylas hair just slips through and looks really goofy. I don't know if it is because her hair is thin or if everyone has this problem. Last year in November when we were having our family pictures taken I came up with this solution. Hopefully it works for you if you have this same problem.
To make sure it doesn't slip and slide all over the place I do some twists underneath it. Why twists? It is very subtle and doesn't look so much like you have her hair done under the head band. And if the head band has to come off mid day you have a hair style underneath and no crazy fly away hair. You are going to use two strands of hair and twist them inward towards each other. The one on the right goes counter clock wise.
And the one on the left will twist clockwise. You will hold them together with your little rubber bands. Big hair things are really not going to work for this style. Suzanna suggested using the rubber bands that are used for braces. I thought that was a brilliant thought! So look into that! Those would be perfect!
You are going to repeat this all the way across the head. Being careful about having them finish about where you are going to have the headband. That way the head band covers them up and they are not seen.
Heep them small and thin also so that it is very subtle on the finished look. Wide ones would not be ideal for this look.
Throw in the head band and even the loosest of head bands looks like it is holding nice and tight! And tell me she doesn't look like a summer darling! What a doll!

Don't forget to help make it happen. I haven't received many tries on this look. Do you need some incentive? I am eager to see what you come up with so give it a try and email me those examples! Lets have fun!

Also another fun hair do sight has emerged. Hair 4 my Princess was left on my comments from someone. And I went and checked out her stuff. I had to try her Chain Gang hair style today. So Nikyla is sporting one of her fancy do's today. Enjoy that sight too!

Thanks guys! Have a good day!

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