Lets Get Real KNOTTY

**UPDATE** This is another post where the photos went missing. Unfortunately I can't find my back up of this one and until her hair gets longer I can't redo this post, so hopefully my word tutorial is enough for now.Here we go--- Lets get real KNOTTY! We are using knots again. I've explained these a few times. You do your first row of knots going strait back. I have five knots. Odd numbers in hair are more flattering than even in my opinion, so I made sure to have five knots for all three of my knot rows. Do what works for you though.

When you get moving down the two side rows have more hair on the bottom than on the top when you pull your knot through. That way it sits a little higher. Also--- I don't do much of anything even. I like a little off centered-ness. So I might even next time I do this look make the top one sit off to the side too. I'll have to try it at least once just for kicks anyways.

Last step is to pull it back into a pony tail.

And I did a knot in reverse. That makes for a puffy pony tail. Gives these gals with thin hair some sweet bounce that they wouldn't have other wise.And here it is. Done!

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