French Braid Halo

*****UPDATE*****I made a video for this style since I somehow lost all the step by step pictures. Hope it helps. Click on this link to be redirected.
It's been a while since I did anything with ribbon. I don't really have much of a walk through on this one. you just HAVE TO PRACTICE doing a french braid. And the better you get the easier this will be for you. When doing this hair do give yourself room to move around your little girl. And I don't recommend this for really wiggly kids. You will want them to hold still for a while when you are doing this. And the first dozen times you do this it will come out looking like and egg-- totally misshaped. Should you give up? NOT AT ALL! If you want to be good at anything you need to practice. So check out the video again and again and get that french braid down. And then give this a try.

Use Bobbi pins to hold the end in pace and finish the crown/halo. And I start at the top left side if that helps you. And start weaving the ribbon starting where ever you want it to end and go all the way around. I used two separate strands and had it finish in the back.

The braid looks so pretty alone, but I wanted to add ribbon. Nikyla loved this she said she looked like a ferry. Throw some flowers in it too-- that would be fun! Just so you know my computer is having old-timers disease. You know it hit its sixth birthday a few months back. She's been good to us, but she is wearing down. I have a feeling she'll be leaving us soon and I don't know when I will be back up and running. But I will be back. I am dumping as many of the hair do's I have hanging around right away in hopes they don't get lost in the transition.

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