Simply and messy

This is one of my very favorites. Because it is so easy and so cute!
Back when I did my messy pigs tutorial I was asked by a few people about making perfect messy buns. I'll do my best to tell ya how I do it.
First thing you do for this hair style is put in your braids. I am an odd numbered girl and I do two one the one side and three on the other. And I off set mine so it is two and two and one extra just wide part in a diamond shape behind the two.
Take out all those rubber bands that were holding the braids while you were braiding and secure the hair into a pony tail.
Split the hair in half and weave it through your fingers like shown. this will make the same amount of hair loose all the way around the messy bun. Just secure a rubber band as close to the head as possible and pull your fingers out.
Move it around a little to make it nice and even.

Throw in a pretty flower for a little extra style.
And here's how it looks with a side of cheese!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. That is so cute. But, do you have any good ideas for a little girl with short hair with a big fat cowlick in the back??? :) My email is Thanks!

  2. That is a very unique, pretty style. Good job!

  3. ups... it is missing pictures


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