Row of braids

So we are doing a row of braids, Andy calls them the corn roll hair do. A lot of people want to do this but get all mixed up in keeping them in a strait row. So hopefully if that is your problem I can help you with that today. For starters, make your rows first and clip them off to keep them all separated. Give them a twist to hold them in place. As you are working on each section just re-wetten them. If you don't know this already, the way to keep your braids from having lots of fly away hairs in them is to get the hair nice and wet. Even dab a little gel in it to really make it tight. And do a French Braid or a Fish Bone Braid. Whatever...
This is the trick I use. When I am doing braids like this that are going to take a while I let her rest on my leg and I go to work on that side. And then I have her switch sides to work on the other side.I just did the braids on top and pulled them back to a pony tail. Leaving the rest down. You can go nuts and braid the whole head of hair. Perfect for girls camp or if you want the crimped hair the next day. I took out all those rubber bands and let it fly. I was surprised how many people stopped me to examine this hair do. I think people were mostly shocked she sat still long enough for me to do that. It was fun.
Have a great weekend!

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