Hair Accessory Review

This is the fixing of a post gone missing. Back (forever ago) when I first posted this fun little review I was unsure how to tell you about this little accessory. I was contacted by two companies that had the same type of product. With homework... I found out more than I wanted to know about the two companies and there past relationship. Not wanting to be brought into the middle of things I tried to share both links and leave the choice up to you if you wanted this product. I think they both ended up hating me and my review. I still stand by this little product. Its a fun accessory. I keep one in my school bag and use if often, so still a great product. You can get this item for this site by Trash Ties or from this one called Knotheads. I use both and I don't know which is which any more--- they are the EXACT same thing.
Start with hair smoothed and combed through.
This is a fast hair do and you can whip it out in just a few minutes if you want. And we were in a hurry the day we did this, but its great. You start by picking up a small section near the face.
And twist your accessory (Trash Ties or Knotheads) in at the start.
Pick up another section of hair and join it with the first.
Wrap the accessory around that section.
Pull up another section form the hair...
And wrap the accessory around the hair. You continue this until you get to the back part of the hair.
You should have a lot of the accessory still hanging out, just leave it alone for a minute while you do the other side.
I don't have matching colors, but having two different colors works too. Pull the two sections together.
And twist the accessory around the hair. You can go every other color just for fun.
And this is what you get.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I have made these myself b/c I did not want to wait for shipping and they were so easy and cheep to make!( I cut the small ties off of a shirt I was getting rid of and them put wire inside. tied the ends. TADA 2 minutes I was done!

    I am hoping to see a few more hair do using them.

  2. It's amazing how many things can bring about a perfect and creative hair do.


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