Cute little twist on a good thing. Rather than just pulling it back. Try this...

Okay start off with hair lightly damp. In the last two hair styles I got it really wet. I don't for this style because I like it to look loose. And look a little more care free.
Then you divide out a rectangular section on top and divide that again in half. Then you twist the two halves inward. So the half in your right hand will go counter-clock-wise. And the one in your left hand will be twisted clock-wise. And this takes practice to get it down, but don't get frustrated with lumps because it actually looks really cute with this style to be a little messy.
So twist it and secure and tighten it.
And this is what it looks like. Repeat this two more times to the left and two more times to the right.
And here is a cute fun style. Put some of those mini clips in and you have a fun hair-do!
But if you want to boost this style. I have a bonus step for you.
Ready for this?
Okay.... Here we go....
If you've never done this before you need to. Rag Curls are easy and fantastic! Simply shred strips of fabric and tie hair around the fabric very loose and TU-DA!!! There you have it rag curls. I did get the hair really wet before I put in the rag curls. And once they are in you can blow dry them or just let them air dry. I like to put rag curls in at night. They are easy to sleep in and in the morning you take it out and there are fantastic beautiful curls!
Here's the look!
Simple and curly...
Flirty and fun!
Beans has very strait hair, but with this it stays curly all day long!
I love this! And I hope you do too!


  1. Hi, just found your website tonight. I love this look but I do not get the rag curls. Can you show how you are tying them in?

  2. I do love it! The curls are so perfect!


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