Row of long knots

I've always called this a row of knots, but you call them what ever you want. Also--- We have a new model today! Yeah!!!! My beautiful niece S.J. was hanging out with Ky and I yesterday and her hair is perfect for this row of knots. She has nice thick hair. Ky's hair is thin and fine. If you are working with thin fine hair use bubby pins to secure this style atthe very end. Other wise it will hold on its own. So here you have it!
Part the hair the width of the for head (about).
Part out a section for your first knot. And it is shorter going back than it is wide. So the width of the forehead and half that length moving back.
So you have the hair for your first knot.
Separate it into two sections.
And tie it into a knot--- BUT don't stop there.
Twist it through that SAME knot three times. I usually send the right side around one more time and then the left side around one more time. I don't know it that makes any difference, but loop it through three times. And pull it down tight.
And you have your first knot.
Repeat these steps until you have four terrific knots. I flipped S.J.'s hair out with a flat iron to give it added style.
And here she is. What a cutie! Thank you S.J. for letting me do your hair!
You are so beautiful!


  1. How do you get the knots to stay?? I don't see any elastics or bobby pins? I've tried knots before but failed.

  2. J-Ro--- on thinner hair you almost need to hide a bobby pin in there, but for thick hair it holds itself pretty well no bobby pins or elastics needed.

  3. How do you get them back out again?? lol
    (I haven't tried any knotted hairstyles yet, the girls hair tangles SO easily, I'm scared to tie knots in it on purpose... lol)

  4. Trying this one again today.. Reading the steps made it a little more clear maybe sending the sides through that way does make difference?? I'll test er out.. Thanks again!! We just got a new laptop and I still avoid it for the same reasons.


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