Rag Curls

Check out this video and this video to help you out more.

Happy Friday! Today's hair style is kind of an extension of last weeks hair do. There were a lot of questions about the rag curls. So I am going to give you today's tutorial about rag curls. Hopefully this will help the first timers and the ones of you who get rag curls that turn out tight and kinky. First thing you are going to do it tear up rags for the curls from scrap material. They need to be about one inch by about six inches. Once you have that we can get started.

Get the hair wet! Very wet. I like to do rag curls right after a bath.
And then you separate out the hair for your first curl. Have the rag next to your index finger and place hair on top of your finger.
Wrap the hair around your finger just enough to get the curl started and the size of the curl determined. This is what makes it not go all kinky and weird. So this is very important!

Pull out your finger and continue to wrap the curl down to the crown of the head.
Now tie a knot in the piece of fabric around the hair to secure the curl.
Just like that...
Then do it again. Separate out the next section of hair.
With fabric strip next to your index finger wrap the hair around your finger. This is to get the size determined and to get the curl started.
Now skip a few curls ahead... and just note that as you move back you should off set your part so that you don't have really defined parts down the hair when you take the rags out. So off set your part like a brick wall pattern. Like shown above.
This is how the curls should look. By using your finger you have made all the curls about the same size. Fun hu!
She loves rag curls. So you finish up the curls on the whole head and I have her sleep with them in because then they last forever it seems like. So now it is just time for the waiting game.
So let the hair dry over night or if you are in a hurry blow dry the hair, but... Let the curls cool down after you blow dry them. They still need a little air time before you pull them out.
And what happens in the morning when we take out all these lovely curls. Which by the way I forgot to mention earlier. I use my teeth on one side of the rag to tighten it. I don't have enough hands for this hair style. Just a after thought/tip.
I threw three clips in it to finish it.
And she looks lovely!
And she knows it. This girl is trouble!!!
I do mean trouble!


  1. I love this! looks more comfortable then curlers...I tried to do it tonight on my daughters hair for picture day tomorrow- but I had a hard time figuring out how to get the rag on there while rolling..i managed to get something. So we will see what it looks like in the morning :) I would love if you could do a tutorial for this one! :)

  2. I have always thought about trying these kind of curls but I never knew how. Thank you so much.


  3. Hi there! Love this tutorial! Would you mind if I shared it on the Blossom Street Boutique Blog?

    moderator - Blossom Street Boutique

  4. This is great! I'm going to try this on my little girl tonight! :)

  5. im not quite understanding how the rag & curl stay in place would it be possible to do a video tutorial?? thanks -Bianca


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