Knotty Crown

Here we go. This first hair do is one I haven't been doing a long time, but it is fairly easy and it keeps Beans hair off her face. In winter time hair must be off the face. It just looks more clean. In my opinion anyways. Nikyla will refer to this as the knotty crown. Here is what it will look like in the end....

Side View.
How it looks with a cheesy smile.
Lets get started....
Start with your part off centered. Most of what I do is off centered because I like the end results better when it starts off to the side. If you want to center your part go nuts.Lets talk parts. This picture is how you will be parting the hair. Don't give up its not a hard hair-do. I just did this picture for those of you that need to see it laid out in pieces. I don't even know if this helps. But the pink one is where the two knots meet together. Just to give you an idea of how this lines up.
Okay gather the first piece of hair at the front and keep it low. I leave some hair down so this is more of a half up do.
Put a plastic coated rubber band around it very loose.
Split the hair to tuck for your first knot. Send the pony tail through the hole you created from front going out the back. Tighted it to be a tight knot.
Divide hair for your second knot. And add the first pont tail to the bundle. Put into a loose pony tail again with a plastic coated rubber band. Seperate to tie a knot again. I suggest doing it right in the middle of the other pony tail bunch. It looks like this as you send it through.
Now you should have your first two knots. Tighten them as you go.
It should look like this at this point.
Follow the same process to make your third knot.
And a fourth. This is how this entire side looks. In the end you combine the two knots together. But for now just move on to the other side.
And you go about it the same exact way. You gather hair keeping the pony tails low and loose.
And it will look just like the first side.
Once you have all four knots on both sides you are ready to finish the knotty crown by gathering the two knot rows together. Simply take what is left over hair and pull them all into one pony tail. Join together with a plastic coated rubber band.
And divide and tuck like we've been doing all along. So pretty!
And this is what you get...


  1. I love this! I'm going to give it a shot!

  2. fabtastic.... wish my 2 year olds hair would hurry up and grow.. i got loads to try! :D


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