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This hair style is by far the one that so many people ask about and want to do, but don't know how. And it is really easy. Growing up my best friend Camille always had her hair like this it seemed like every Sunday. And I loved it. I asked my mom to do it to my hair, but she couldn't figure it out! I was just waiting to have a girl to use this style! Its my favorite. Lets get started....

This is what we are doing today. Here is a side-(ish) view.
To start get the hair wet and comb it all strait back. No parts just yet.
Now you are going to make your first part. It is kind of a rectangular shape. If you are working with thicker hair (lucky you) just do it in a square shape. I need to do a rectangular shape because her hair is thin.
Bind this strand of hair with a plastic coated rubber band.

Repeat this until it looks like this and you have a lot of cute little pony-tails. I have a total of 6. There may be more or less depending on how many you wanted to do, or thickness of the hair. At this point it is a cute style and if you wanted just to put mini claws in it you could call it good and have a very cute fun hair style. But if you want to keep going, lets keep going.
Oh this is another shot of the cute little one row of ponies you have.
Now divide each pony tail in half and secure them together with a plastic coated rubber band. Like so...
And repeat this all the way across. On the pony tail that ends the row you do not divide that one. You just gather the whole thing with the one that was halfed next to it.
This may feel like an extra step, but for the first time you do this hair style flip them all out of your way so you can see where your next parts will be for your next row.
And following the part from the first row, part out a rectangle/square of hair. This is where it gets a little tricky, but its really easy and if you got this far this won't be a problem for you. With this piece of hair you are going to divide out sections again from the pony-tails you have already made. Its really easy. So stick with me... here we go.
See thats not so bad right. split the pony tail in half add it to your bundle and do it again with the othe pont tail on the other side. And secure it together.
This is what happens when you do it right. And then you just repeat the process all the way down the line. Parting out the hair and slpitting the previous pony-tails to the new section.
And in the end you get this look.
You can keep going and repeating this as long as you'd like. It is such a pretty style. I like to put rag curles in her hair and make it curly with this style too. It is so fun. Also if you are ever going camping and you know hair is going to be a real problem this is a great style to go with. Sleeping in these is a lot less painful than braids and it looks good day after day after day.


  1. Thank you for such clear directions for creating this style! I have always loved it, but didn't know how to duplicate it on my girls. Today I have two happy princesses here!

  2. I tried this today. It's cute but I definitely need more practice and a child that will sit still! :)

  3. I tried this last week with my daughter and posted your link and some pics of her on my blog:

  4. I'm looking for a neat and easy hairstyle for my daughter for her first pageant. This may just be it. I may even try the rag curls like you suggested.


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