Fish bone braid

How to do a fish bone braid? I've been telling you for weeks that it is easier than a french braid and I think you'll agree. There is a lot less to hold on to and be in charge of and not so much twisting. Someone commented that they felt like it takes longer to do a fish bone braid and--- I'll agree with that. So if you feel like you are going really slow I think you are pretty much right on track! As always I like working with wet hair. So I have dampened Ky's hair for this style. Divide the top section into two sections. This is all you need for the base of this style.
From there you start dividing out small sections from each side (one side at a time).
And you will cross it over the section base of the side you parted out and join it to the other side of your base that you divided out.

Then you move to the other side and part from the hair that is down and take it over the base of that side to join up with the other base.
Like so.

So you are now parting out a section and adding it by crossing over the top to the far bundle. And you do this over and over again until you get to the bottom and all the hair has been gathered and bundled.
And when you get to the bottom you can end it there and add some pretty curls to the bottom or you keep going.
To do that you start parting out the sections to cross over from the pony tail bundles in your hand. Watch what side you should be working from if would really stink to mess up here. So can you tell which section you crossed over last? start with that bundle of hair so your "bone" keeps going back and forth from side to side. Part out a section from the OUTER side of the pony tail and cross it over to the other pony tail.
You do that over and over until you get to where you want to end your braid.
Take from the outer section....
cross it over to the other pony tail....
and do it again form the other side!Finish it off with a rubber band.
And I always tuck mine under and secure it with bobby pins. It comes out looking like this. And usually I leave it this way, but today beans wanted to wear a huge pink flower. And this was what became of that plan...
Very pretty!


  1. this is way cute. It would be fun for a dance of sum sort.


  2. This is such a cute hairdo and is so practical because it can be done on older girls. However, there seems to be a glitch in my mind because I can not for the life of me get it to work. Do you think you could post or email me a video of you doing this?


  3. this is very cute, i gotta try it sometime


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