Cork Screw Maddness

This weeks hair do was submitted by Jenn. She saw this hair style and wanted to know how to do it for herself. So she took a picture and emailed it to me to figure out. This was fun. And I think I do pretty well figuring out hair styles, so if you have one you want me to figure out just email it to me. I love a challenge. Thank you Jenn! The biggest challenge on this one is the cork screw twist that you do over and over again. Hopefully I explain it well enough for you to follow.
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Before I get going I made this short ((Dorky)) video to explain how to do the cork screw twist. So watch this first because we do this a lot with this hair style over and over. So get it down. It's easy once you get the hang of it. (Thank you Andy Dear for video taping this.)
Now we can get started...
Get the hair nice and wet. The wetter the better for this style. Because as you twist you get less fly aways if it is very moist. You can also dab a little gel or moose in it to help with fly aways. Start by making five pony tails. Make them wide and deep. Have them go WAY back to the back of the head. Especially if you are doing this style on a little head. This is much more of a hair style for an older girl with a bigger head. But we can make anything work. And this is a very cute hair style. So get those pony tails.
And do a cork screw twist in each one. On the one on very top, the main pony tail you are going to do two cork screw twists. Okay now you are going to combine and undo and redo and get all mixed up. Just kidding. But I did the bottom rubber bands in yellow. ANY rubber band you see that is yellow is going to be removed from the hair style. They are just there to stabilize it while we work. Now comes combining. Take your top two cork screw twists and combine them with the twist right next to it.Take out the yellow rubber bands. Brush it out and if you need to get the ends wet again. I am serious about it being useful to keep away fly away hairs. And re-cork screw the left over hair into one bundle. Notice they are finished in yellow. Which means we will be taking out that rubber band eventually. Of the two on top... take the one on the right and combine it with the outer left twist. And take the left and combine it with the outer right twist. Put in a finisher rubber band. I skipped a picture accidentally, but it wasn't very important, just take out the yellow rubber bands and brush through the hair, re-wetting if needed and do a cork screw twist with the remaining hair. And that is where we are.
Combine the bottom two and let out the yellow rubber bands and sit back and say, "Yup-- I did that!" Good job! And here it is with that sweet smile. Thank you for your support. Hope you are having as much fun as I am.

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  1. adorable! I'm doing it to myself and i'm 24... :P


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