Cheaters Headband

Happy Friday. Its another simple week for hair do's. This is the cheaters way for braiding your little ones hair into a head band type style. I usually don't do braids, but I wanted to see how it looked with braids. I like it a lot with braids. Maybe even more than without.
Start with a little pony tail on top and braid it. Like so.

Combine it with another pony tail below the first and braid the remaining hair to combine again with the bottom pony tail. Notice how I parted out the bangs and combined them with the second pony tail. I think that adds a lot to the look. Do it how every you want though!

This is what this side ends up looking like. (By the way it is almost 1 o'clock in the morning and I don't see me sitting down to the Internet tomorrow to do this I have a very busy day. So I am really sorry if I am not making much sense. If I confuse you at all just email me and I will try to help ya out!)

Repeat on the other side.

I combined the two underneath the hair with a rubber band. sometimes I just leave them straight down at the bottom, but today I combined them underneath and curled the ends under with a flat iron. And the outcome...


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  1. ok I am new to this and cant figure out how to.finish reading thr post...can anyone help me? love the ideas but.need to see the tutorials


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