Flash Back Friday

Today we are taking a short stroll back to the last time Beans had short hair. The length of her hair in this picture is actually a little longer than her hair is right now. I 100% adore this cute simple style in short hair. If you haven't seen the tutorial for this one yet make sure you go check it out here. Have a very happy Friday.

Ladder Waterfall Style (For Short or Long Hair)

 I am sure hoping everyone out there is having a great summer. Despite bee drama we are having a blast this summer. I'm a little shocked to say that we are only a month away from school starting back up again. It feels like this summer has been going so very quickly.

Thank you so much earlier this week for the love and support you all showed me with my bee sting last week. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of you and your very kind hearts and words. Thank you.

Now we have a new super cute fun hairstyle for all of you that is done in Beans short hair. However, this style is going to be totally fabulous on any length of hair. When you have short hair the part you work with is all that stuff on top, you don't get a lot of styles in the back, but you aren't missing much. By doing the style up top you are almost guaranteed to end with a nicely balanced style.
We are calling this style a Ladder Waterfall Hairstyle since it incorporates both into the finished look. I don't do a step by step on the waterfall braid since I already have a great tutorial and video done. So make sure and go refresh with this post if you aren't familiar with this type of braiding.

Once you have done that come back and lets go through the step-by-step on achieving the same look we've done in the photo above. Scroll down to see the full tutorial.

Bee's Knees

I actually don't think Bee's have knees, but I know for a fact they have stingers. For those who have followed us for years you have not been a stranger to my very severe honey bee allergy. This summer we took it to all new levels!

Beans got stung by one this last week and we got the stinger out. I touched the stinger, but thought nothing of it since it hadn't actually stung me. Within an hour I had hives starting on the insides of my arms. By the next morning I had them covering my arms, around my hairline and starting on the backs of my legs. By that second night I was struggling to breath and was now covered in very itchy hives that felt like my skin was trying to escape my bones. After a night of sleeplessness and struggle to breath I went in to my doctor. It was then that we decided it had to be a slow onset of my bee sting allergy. CRAZY.... right?

It has taken a week of steroids, oatmeal baths, longs pants in the summer time, but I finally feel like I am getting back to relatively feeling normal. I have sores all up and down my legs from itching and around my hairline, but they are healing fast. I have only two more days on the steroids. I think things are looking up for me. I will be really thrilled when I feel safe to shave my legs again! (TMI)

Anyways... with that behind us. Beans and I shot a new tutorial that I just need to get edited and posted. I don't have a sneak peak for you, but we like it. Simple, but awesome. She still has her short hair. Watch for that hopefully later this week if all keeps moving forward so well.

Thanks for all the love and support you guys have always shown us. We love you.

Independence Day

Independence Day is next week... is that for real??? I can not get over how quickly time passes by. I'm lucky because we always follow the same tradition for the Fourth of July celebration. Its always spending the day outside at the golf course by our house and then watching fireworks at the same place. We've been going there for years and we love the atmosphere and celebrations.

This last week we were on a really fun road trip. We traveled by car over 1000 miles to North Dakota. I was seriously impressed by all the beauty along our way.One place we stopped was Mount Rushmore. I was so happy we made that part of our road trip. I think the feeling you get while at the Mount Rushmore monument is a great sense of pride in our country. My kids were the ones who initiated going to see it while on our road trip, so I am very grateful that they can say they have seen it in there life time. My mother-in-law was actually born in South Dakota.
We got to do some really fun things while on our road trip. I am grateful for this beautiful country we live in and for the freedom my family is blessed with. I am grateful for the military  and there amazing dedication and hard work to retain our freedom. I'm thankful that I have the freedom to worship how I see fit. I am grateful for my family and my friends and for all of you. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday next week.

If you are looking for a fun hairstyle for the fourth we have only a few. I often lean on using accessories more than shapes in my hairstyles, but a few years back we came up with these two (posted above). The first is just a ribbon braid back into a ponytail and it was one we used for the fourth back in 2010. The second is our Star Braid. We posted this one back in 2009 and I did a backwards tutorial for this one. I shot the pictures of us taking this hairstyle out to show you how we did this one.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Which One Wednesday

Beans is so excited that we can finally pull her hair back into little piggy-tails. And she is taking total advantage of that this summer already. LOVES THEM, so today we are sharing a few of our favorite pigtail hairstyles.
Pigtails are so fun! As you can tell we are big fans. And if you look around out site you are likely to find so very many more. But for today we are asking which one of these three is your favorite?

Number one is a Double Knot Pigtail Braid. I love how this adds something totally unique to the pigtails. And it makes it so much more than just two ponytails that go by the name pigtails. Its always fun to dress up any hairstyle with beautiful braids.

The second one is just a way of doing pigtails with just part of the hair and leaving some of the hair still down. This one we have dubbed as Cris-Cross Braid Pigtails. This one is super simple and looks delicate. This one is one of my favorites especially for church.

Third is our fun way of doing Messy Buns. I think messy buns are my all time favorite when it comes to pigtails. They make every style just a little more sassy and fun.

Last week I totally forgot to post our W.O.W. post on Instagram, and on Facebook it was almost too close to call a clear winning favorite. I think it was numbers two and three that were in the lead when I last looked. All four were super super favorites last week for me. I couldn't have made a choice either on a favorite.



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