Fun With Braids

The last few weeks Beans has been asking for micro-braids. Not that these are super micro, but they are super adorable.The first one we accomplished the wavy look with a three prong curling iron. We just clamped it in a few select spots since we didn't want it all wavy. This is Beans current favorite hairstyle. She was considering it for picture day.  And its been a great one for while she is letting her hair grown out.
When Beans went in for surgery on her mouth last week we decided to do this fun braid all the way across the top of her head. This kept the hair out of her way while they did surgery. And it was fantastic for recovery. She liked this one, but not nearly as much as the top hairstyle.
She wants the next time we do this for us to do the side style like in the top photo, but with the "X" worked into the side. I think I can do that for her. Have you tried this style before? Does your little one, or you, totally love this style? It's been a few years since we have done this, but it's coming back into style.

Flash Back--- Double Twist

Beans hair back in 2009. Does it look more blond to you than it does these days? I think her hair has got a little darker since 2009. I saw a hairstyle on an actress that looked just like this the other day and I was reminded of this style. I really love this style. I can't wait until Beans hair is long enough for us to do this one again.

This is also one of our most popular hairstyles here on Girly Do Hairstyles. I see this one all the time Pinned on Pinterest. Have you tried it? Is it one of your favorite styles too? Make sure and check out our tutorial if you don't know how to accomplish this look. You can get to that tutorial through this link. Have an excellent weekend!

Flash Back Friday

Going back to this fun tutorial where we made homemade curlers. I know exactly where these dare. Beans hair may not be long enough to use them right now, but I am thinking I may pull them out for myself. Do you remember when we did this a few years back? Here is the link to our curlers tutorial.
I really do think I might use these on my own hair. Do you want to see how the curls turn out on me?  If so let me know and I will post pictures. Have a great weekend.

Flash Back Friday
Do you remember this cute style? Its honestly one of my favorites. Its great for when you are growing out bangs. It's great to add flare to a ponytail. It's SUPER FANTASTIC for swimming. We love this one for swimming. It stays in tight and is so cute! So use this style, love this style and have a great weekend. To get this tutorial just check out this link on our Securing a Single Twist tutorial.

Fishtail Twisted Pull Back

It is time to start pulling out some new back to school hair styles. My favorite style for school are the ones that are easy to pull off on any kind of a morning. This one is perfect. Its easy, but super cute. 
Step one: Divide the hair into sections. Part off your front sections to fall just behind the ears. The parts don't need to be perfect. As a matter of fact, most styles can really benefit from a little less perfection when it comes to your parting. If you don't have a solid part you don't have to try covering a part-line in your finished style

Secure the back section out of your way so you can work with your front sections. If you want a little more "Umph" and volume to this style you can backcomb this section and smooth the hair over the top before you secure it back.

Step two: Starting with a section on one side of the hair in the fringe area you will twist the hair towards the top/back of the head. This is a loose twist.

Step three: Picking up small sections of hair twist in loosely into the front twist working your way to the back. You will do this on both sides meeting at the occipital in the back of the head.

Step four: Keeping the two sections separate you will now start braiding.

Step five: We used a fishtail braid in this example, but you could do a wide variety of braid options in this style. Braid it all the way to the end. Because this is supposed to be a loose style we pulled out and puffed out our braid just a little.

The sixth picture is the finished look. Don't you just adore it? At this point you could curl the hair a little more if you feel like it needs it or you could just leave the hair in its natural fall pattern.
Happy hair doing. Enjoy this cute style and make sure you share your work with us by tagging us on Instagram or sharing your photos on our Facebook page. Have a happy week.



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